Resolve Your Emotional Eating and Build a New Relationship with Food

Are you an emotional eater? A binge eater? Or an overeater?

Would you like to have more control over your weight? Or do you simply want to eat more healthily?

My Conscious Eating Hypnotherapy Programme is tailored specifically to your individual needs and is designed to turn around your relationship with food.

Many of us have been unwittingly led down a path that has distorted our attitudes towards food.

Seemingly unlimited choice along with very clever advertising can mean that our natural eating habits have shifted into ones that are unhealthy.

All this can leave us feeling an array of negative emotions towards something that is meant to nurture us.

Conscious eating does not have to be about completely giving up certain foods (unless you want it to be).

Conscious eating is about balance. A sense of balance that is unique to you. My Conscious Eating Hypnotherapy Programme can help you regain a positive relationship with food in a way that feels easy and effortless.

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Get Back Control.

There are always reasons for our over eating and use of food to manage our emotions but the behaviour leads to an unhealthy body and relationship with food. 

In hypnosis you access the unconscious ideas that lead to that behaviour and by changing those ideas, the behaviour changes. 

This is why hypnosis and hypnotherapy are such powerful tools to help you with your conscious eating.